The Shack

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The Shack

The Shack is the EARS electronics and amateur radio lab, located at 46AB05 (on the top floor of AB, just outside the lift door) and is available for members to use 24/7 via RFID tag access once a short theory and practical test has been completed (email to ask for a time for this).

Use of the Shack

The shack can be used on any day at any time following completion of the appropriate safety test.

* Follow electrical safety guidelines while in the shack and do not endanger yourself or other shack users.
* Do not work on dangerous or large projects unsupervised or out of hours.
* For safety information refer to the risk assessments and rules available in the Shack.


For electronics users, there are two electronics benches furnished with equipment such as power supplies, multimeters, oscilloscopes, soldering irons, and even a spectrum analyser. There is also a large supply of components available in the shack, which are will be catalogued online soon. Any extra components you need can be ordered through our Online Ordering System. The shack is a great place to do out of hours or personal electronics work or to get help with academic work.

Amateur Radio

For amateur radio users there are 5 rigs of varying wavelengths available for you to use, subject to you holding the relevant licence. EARS provides training to obtain a licence, see our Radio Licences page for details.

Radios & Bench Hardware