The Makerspace

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The Makerspace

The Makerspace is room 18AB04 on campus.

To get to The Makerspace use the AA/AB stairwell (or lift if you want to increase your GPE lazily) and head to the 4th floor. Head through the wood coloured door next to the entrance to the AB04 labs and The Makerspace will be right in front of you!


To use The Makerspace you will need to have completed Makersafe training, be an EARS Member, and have paid the annual access fee.

The membership fee for 2018-19 is £5 and gives you access to all the equipment in the Makerspace as well as access to materials and components. Makerspace access can only be paid for via the Union Website.

Makerspace Access can be purchased any time during the year and will provide access until the following September.

Access is available 24/7 for students after they have completed Semester 1 of First Year. During Semester 1, Freshers only have access to the Makerspace during working hours (weekdays from 8:30am - 5pm). However they are able to use the space in scheduled sessions outside of these times.

The Makerspace Rules

  1. Don’t be on fire / Don’t act in a way that could make things on fire.
  2. Only use equipment that you know how to use
    1. You must have passed Makersafe Training and been specifically trained to to use the CNC machine or 3D Printer.
    2. If you don’t know how to use it ask for help from someone who does or contact the committee. Everyone is happy to help you learn a new skill.
  3. Keep the Makerspace clean
    1. Clean while you work to make sure that there’s space for others to also use the space.
    2. Keep the floor clear
    3. Make sure the Makerspace is clean when you leave
      1. All rubbish in the correct bin
      2. Project stored safely in a project box or taken home
      3. All tools and unused components are back where they live
      4. Anything left out on a bench for more than a week becomes property of EARS
  4. No drinking or eating
    1. Food and drink can only be consumed outside the space. Feel free to step out into the corridor.
      1. This space must also be kept clean with rubbish in the bin.
    2. Any food or drinks need to be stored in your bag while inside the Makerspace
  5. Don’t take Makerspace equipment out of the Makerspace
    1. EARS equipment cannot be borrowed unless you get written permission from the EARS Committee.
  6. No spray painting in the Makerspace
  7. Powering up drones while rotors are attached is prohibited in the Makerspace
    1. The University has specific policies on UAVs and you should read and understand these before you perform any flight testing.
  8. Let us know if you think something is unsafe
    1. This could be someone or something
  9. Report all accidents and any "almost" accidents
    1. If you’re injured, report this to the EE lab manager
      1. If you’re injured out of hours call security on 01483 68 3333
    2. If you’ve broken something, tell the EARS Committee
  10. Only members with access should be working in the Makerspace
    1. A member with access may supervise up to two individuals who do not have access, but these individuals may not use any equipment
  11. Members with only working hours access (8:30am - 5pm) may only use the space overnight when a member with full access is present
    1. When the member with full access leaves, you must leave too.
  12. Tie up long hair while working with machine tools or soldering equipment
  13. Don’t dress (too) inappropriately for laboratory work!
  14. No mains work (max 30V)
  15. Don’t play with things that don’t belong to EARS
  16. Store projects safely in a project box.
    1. Store your project box safely in the cupboard A2 or in the project storage area of the Shack
    2. If your project doesn’t fit in a project box, let the EARS Committee know and we’ll try to help you find a safe place to keep it.


Fake Ardiunos - USB Drivers

The Fake ardiunos that ears owns don't work off the shelf with Mac computers. Drivers are available [here] or you can follow this [tutorial].

Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Prints stuff in 3D.

Soldering Stations

Hand Tools

Pillar Drill


Drills stuff.


CNC Machine

Test Equipment

Function Generators



The Limbo Box


A box where things left in The Makerspace end up. Help yourself to any bits in here and if they're your bits or bits of projects, reclaim them quickly. After items have been in the box for one week they become property of EARS.