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This is the project page for HAB-3, a new flight and hardware/software development planned for flight in early 2016. You can find discussions at [1]. This page will be used for relatively static documentation.

Information on just about everything related to HABs and tracking can be found here: UKHAS Wiki

Project Goals

  1. Flight-test a new spin-stabilization system
  2. Develop and test a non-Arduino piece of software
  3. Flight-test the rocket tracking board

Project Development


The software is being redevloped ground-up to avoid consistent issues with the existing software. In order to provide development experience to all involved, a "real" microprocessor will be chosen. At the moment the strongest contender is the STM32F301C6T6, a 32-bit processor with an ARM Cortex M4 core. Datasheet is here and Reference manual is here. This has many useful features that we have not been utilising in previous designs, but modules will need to be written to take full advantage of them.

Software Development