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A typical large satellite groundstation.


There are many amateur satellite ground stations in operation across the globe, but as of yet there is not commonly available a full-featured open-source management suite to control them.
The aim of this project is to create one. The design is yet to be finalised, but the main features are set to be:

  • Multi user support
  • Immersive web UI
  • Auto scheduling
  • Radio control
  • Rotator control

Please visit the GitHub page for access to the codebase and more information.

Team Members

  • Laurence "Sacha" Stant
  • Andy "Candy" Cottell
  • Phil Handley
  • Andrew Bailey
  • Isabell Long
  • Richard Duke
  • Mamatha Maheshwarappa
  • Matt Isbell
  • Jack Parrott-Webb
  • Constantin Porth


Agenda 25th Nov 2013 > Minutes 25th Nov 2013

Development Documents

Release Structure