The Makerspace

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The Makerspace

The Makerspace is room 18AB04 on campus.

To get to The Makerspace use the AA/AB stairwell (or lift if you want to increase your GPE lazily) and head to the 4th floor. Head through the wood coloured door next to the entrance to the AB04 labs and The Makerspace will be right in front of you!


To use The Makerspace you will need to have completed Makersafe training.


Fake Ardiunos - USB Drivers

The Fake ardiunos that ears owns don't work off the shelf with Mac computers. Drivers are available [here] or you can follow this [tutorial].

Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Prints stuff in 3D.

Pillar Drill


Drills stuff.

The Limbo Box


A box where things left in The Makerspace end up. Help yourself to any bits in here and if they're your bits or bits of projects, reclaim them quickly. After items have been in the box for one week they become property of EARS.